Are we Connected?


I think it’s important to do this every once in a while: Are you linked up? Do you visit the ol’ blog, but haven’t gotten on the links lists to your lower left? I try and categorize the link lists by some sort of relevant idea.

  • Blogs: these are just kind of uncategorized blogs
  • Blogs by Pastors: these are blogs by lead pastors
  • Blogs by Worship Leaders: blogs by worship leaders & pastors
  • Churches: these are just churches that I like, follow, watch, visit, etc.
  • Links: just some cool links to websites
  • Locals Only: these are people in my local area

Maybe I’ve got you in the wrong category. Maybe I don’t have you at all. Maybe I have you, but you don’t have me? Maybe you just want to let everyone know how cool it is to be in a community like this. Whatever you’d like, just leave a comment and I’ll hook you up and I would appreciate a hook up as well.