I think it’s important to do this every once in a while: Are you linked up? Do you visit the ol’ blog, but haven’t gotten on the links lists to your lower left? I try and categorize the link lists by some sort of relevant idea.

  • Blogs: these are just kind of uncategorized blogs
  • Blogs by Pastors: these are blogs by lead pastors
  • Blogs by Worship Leaders: blogs by worship leaders & pastors
  • Churches: these are just churches that I like, follow, watch, visit, etc.
  • Links: just some cool links to websites
  • Locals Only: these are people in my local area

Maybe I’ve got you in the wrong category. Maybe I don’t have you at all. Maybe I have you, but you don’t have me? Maybe you just want to let everyone know how cool it is to be in a community like this. Whatever you’d like, just leave a comment and I’ll hook you up and I would appreciate a hook up as well.

Designer. Communicator. Solutions Architect. Husband. Father of 4. Friend of God. I've dabbled in building, graphic design, worship, music, media, communications, connections, leadership, and now I'm an executive pastor at Rancho Community Church in Southern California.

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