Anne Jackson: I've got my Suspicions

Well, I’m convinced that some of our more notorious boggers are actually celebrities in disguise. I know, I know it’s crazy! I’ve got a buddy who is convinced that we never landed on the moon – now that is crazy. I’ve already dealt with Billy and Rich. (Billy actually knows my secret). Tonight I present to you Anne Jackson, a blogging grand master. Or, maybe when she’s not busy writing books, she can give one heck of a tattoo?

Anne Jackson

Kat Von D

See any similarities? If that doesn’t make you go “hmmm?”, maybe this will:

That’s right folks! Both Anne and Carlos are MEGA-bloggers, and they know each other! I think that settles it.

What do you think?

13 thoughts on “Anne Jackson: I've got my Suspicions

  1. Anne Jackson

    This is amazing!!! What is funny is I went totally dark brunette today…no more blonde streak 🙂 Hmmm…And I do have my fair share of tattoos….and I have met Los…….

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  3. Rachel

    I totally thought it when I was flipping channels last night. I thought I’d remembered seeing something about her identity and didn’t click on it at the time. After seeing it last night, I had to come back and confirm that this is in fact what others before me had thought as well…..funny 🙂

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