Andy Stanley Speaks Vision

I don’t know where I got this article, but here are some great quotes from Mr. Northpoint:

If the followers don’t get it, [it’s] because the leader hasn’t gotten it across

Where the vision is not clear there is no focus and there is randomness and complexity. There is sideways energy…

Complexity is the enemy of vision.

Vision is about what could and should be.

Celebrating vision provides inspiration.

Living out vision provides credibility.

None of us cast it enough.

For vision to stick is has to be cast over and over.

Strategic Vision Casting:
1. Define the problem!
2. Offer a solution!
3.[present] a reason to do it and do it now!

Make celebration a part of your culture!

Celebrating your vision puts skin on the vision! If you don’t do this vision becomes what anyone wants it to be. Celebration let’s everyone know what the bullseye looks like.

Your willingness to embody the vision of your organization will have a direct impact on your credibility as a leader.

(This one is scary) The first people to leave will be the smartest people who know that you aren’t doing what you say your vision is.

If you lose your passion, [you] will lose sight of your vision.

Every program needs to take people somewhere.

Listen to three things:
1. Prayer Requests – [they] will tell you if people are locked into your vision.
2. Listen to great stories
3. Listen to what people are complaining about. Indicates what they are concerned about.

Life is brutal on vision.

Live it then you can celebrate it and then you have something to cast.

Thanks Andy, I needed that!

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  1. WorshipCity

    I LOVE Andy’s talks on vision and leadership. I could hear it all day every day. It was one of the highest highlights of the Thirsty Conference.

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