An Impromptu Day Off

Mondays are usually work days, but I have been working non-stop for the last couple weeks so today we took the day off. Actually it started last night with a little family gathering to celebrate my parent’s 39th year of marriage! Jen cooked dinner for everyone; my mom, dad, Travis & Emily & the kids. (Lisi & Beau had other plans, and James, well he couldn’t make the flight).

I should take a moment and just say congratulations to my parents for 39 years together – they’ve set a great example of what a true commitment marriage is; props mom & dad!

Well, after a night of food, fun, Wii, and just hanging out, Jen and I were looking forward to washing the kiddos, putting them to bed, and just hanging out for a while together. Until we were reminded by Miles that we had promised him a family sleepover. So it was baths, PJ’s, and a tent setup session for us.

Me, Jen, Miles, Macy and Java (our lab) – all inside the tent – we turned on “The Emperor’s New Groove” and all fell asleep; sort of. Macy ended up in her bed upstairs. Java somehow ended up in my spot, and I woke up every hour on the hour for some reason. Then both kids were up at the crack of dawn. Family Sleepovers – gotta love ’em!

So around 8am or so we left the house for one of our favorite places in the world: Pipe’s in Cardiff.

We camp at San Elijo State Park every summer, and come here for breakfast almost every morning. They’ve got the best breakfast sandwiches, plus it’s just cool place to eat – Java gets to come too! After breakfast it was a short walk across the train tracks to the beach. The tide was super high today, but we still had fun just hanging out, throwing rocks, throwing sticks for Java, and playing in the sand.


After the beach we started heading back, and we decided to stop at this park that we pass every time we go to San Elijo – it was so cool, perfect for the kids, they had a complete blast!


Macy was OUT on the way home!

I wish I was doing that right now!

Oh yeah, I got a sunburn… in FEBRUARY!

7 thoughts on “An Impromptu Day Off

  1. jen

    Good times.. cant beat warm winter days in southern Cali. Alex the picture doesnt due its justice you look more like a tomato in real life.

  2. James McLean

    i mean it doesn’t take much for you to get a sunburn..ha ha. congrats mom and dad! you have set an awesome example of sacrifice and commitment to us, thank you for raising us in a stable (not perfect) environment.

  3. Mom

    Thanks Alex and Jen for a great night! We had fun doing what we love to do best – hangin’ with our kids. Had a ball with Miles and Macy – now you understand what it’s all about, right?

    And, James, there is NO such thing as perfect environment – you just do the best you can and PRAY REALLY HARD!

    The very best thing in my life is that fact that all four of my kids are saved, married to believers who serve and are a blessing to everyone around them. The world is a better place cuz of all you guys and look at the next generation to come!!!!!

  4. Jen White

    I can’t wait for vacation! A few more weeks! What a fun thing to do with your kids – Family sleepover!

  5. Uncle Rick

    Sounds like a great time was had by all.
    Macy is so cute. Thank goodness she takes after her mother! Wish we could be closer to you guys.

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