Amazing Story

Seems like each week I find a new blog to follow – one such blog is Pete Wilson’s. I found his blog a couple months ago and have become a big fan. He’s the pastor of Cross Point Church in Nashville, Tennessee. They are going through a series called “Plan B”, and there’s an amazing video that I challenge you to watch and see how God works through tragedy to show his Glory. Go watch the video, then come back and leave your thoughts.

5 thoughts on “Amazing Story

  1. Alex's Mom

    Our children do not belong to us….no matter who they are or what they become…they are gifts from God and every day we spend with them is a blessing…

    Every child deserves to be loved like their daughter!

  2. Matthew Daniel

    It’s a small world. I love it when paths cross. We attended Pete’s church for 3 months before we launched here in Nashville.

    Pete’s an amazing guy with a heart for church plants and a heart for people! His posts are great!


  3. Pete Wilson

    You’re to kind Alex. I’m digging your blog as well. I really love the micro-blog in the sidebar. I’ve to go get that!

  4. heather

    What an inspiration that mother is. I loved when she said there is no plan b. Thanks for sharing this video. Its amazing how such a sad situation can make you love our wonderful God even more……

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