Always Get Better

I’ve got a life motto that’s just an unwritten rule: Always Get Better. Maybe it’s a sickness. I’m the guy who always sees room for improvement, always – it’s just who I am. So, I tend to be (a) very hard on myself, and (b) very hard on those around me. I try and balance it with tons of grace – I’m learning.

Here’s some areas I’m experiencing success in getting better:

  1. My relationship with my wife
  2. My relationship with my kids
  3. My relationships with our church staff
  4. Implementing structure & growth strategies at our church
  5. Re-branding and redefining some key spiritual growth “connectors” at our church
  6. Launching a youth band
  7. Organizing ONE VOICE, a local worship event

Here’s some areas I’m not experiencing success, and thus refocusing on:

  1. Structured & consistent time in prayer and God’s word
  2. Physical fitness
  3. Financial fitness
  4. Time management
  5. Blog/Social Media Addiction (this can directly effect #1 on the first list)

So I ask for prayer, ideas, tools, encouragement, and just support. Another of my life goals is to stay “teachable”. I never want to stop developing as a: Husband, Father, Leader, Musician, Artist, Steward, Blogger, Friend, Son, Brother, Human Being. The future excites me, I want to learn how to harness it more and take advantage of the position God has put me in – for his Glory, so that I might be an encouragement to others to follow me as I follow Christ. Yeah, that’s a tall order.

4 thoughts on “Always Get Better

  1. Jeff T.

    Kudos to you, man and thanks for being real. I’m on a reckless self-improvement kick as well this year and I think I finally found the key to consistently working out. We picked up a higher end elliptical machine from Costco and I just kill it for 30 minutes every day. The key for me has been scheduling those 30 minutes. When we’d normally be bumming out in front of the TV around 9pm, I’m on the elliptical – in the same room as my wife and still watching TV! When I’m working nights, I’ll do it first thing in the morning. MY wife and I have a pact to keep each other accountable, on a daily basis, about our 30 minutes on the machine. I love the elliptical because it’s completely silent and doesn’t have the jarring impact of jogging. I hate jogging but I love this thing. Good luck!

    Jeff T.s last blog post..Charlie Peacock on Artists in the Church

  2. Karl

    I here ya. I suck at being teachable. I think sometimes I’m such a perfectionist that after I put so much into everything I do, I don’t want to admit I’ve been wrong about it the whole time.

    Plus, on the perfectionist side of things, I compare myself all the time to Bono, Edge, Abe Lincoln, and John Mayer, so I’m screwed. hehe 🙂

    Karls last blog post..The Matrix Mindset of Gear (& Strat Pickup Info)

  3. Matt Singley

    It’s great that you see the need for balance in many areas of life. A lot of pastors have big blind spots, especially when it comes to physical fitness. We are supposed to honor God with our bodies! Good job, bro.

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