Last week was the Miramar Airshow. I took Miles there two years ago and he loved it so I called up my good buddy, Chris, to see if he wanted to go. We ended up meeting down there for a great afternoon of brain numbing jet engines! I brought Miles and his sister, Macy – they both had a blast. We found out that Friday was FREE (always good), and to top it off, some of Chris’ Navy compadres hooked us up with some great grandstand seats for the Blue Angels – the most incredible pilots EVER.

The only bummer was that I left my good camera at home, so here’s some pics from the Treo:

2 thoughts on “Airshow!

  1. Chris Stout

    Dude, that was such a fun day! I’m so glad you called. I haven’t seen the Blue Angels in a few years. They are good as ever! Woo hoo!

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