Adventure with Miles


On Friday we “found” a map that led us to “Adventure Mountain”, a large hill about a 1/2 mile from our house. So after mama packed us some snacks, me and Miles were on our way. It was a blast walking and talking, hearing all the crazy ideas Miles had on where we were headed and what we would find when we got there. One really cool conversation we had was on the real meaning of Easter – that was a great talk.


When we got to the top of the mountain, we took a break & had some string cheese, granola bars & water. Then we started exploring all the rocks & stuff up there…


As we were heading down, Miles & I were singing “Story of My Life” by Social Distortion (only because we get it stuck in our head from Guitar Hero). Anyway, Miles says “Daddy, you want to know what the story of my life is? It’s that I’m having the funnest time ever with Daddy!”. So, that’s pretty much priceless.

And the story as dictated by Miles: Miles had a hard time walking up the hill. We climbed on lot’s of rocks and ate our snack. Mama honked at us from the street and we waved at her. I loved it! I wish I could go there again! The end, goodbye.

And here’s a little video when we got to the top of Adventure Mountain.

I’m amazed at what little effort you have to put forward to make your kids day – something as simple as a map and a 2 hour walk! I’m immediately convicted of (a) not doing this more with our kids, and (b) not being grateful for all the simple & amazing things that my heavenly Father does for me on a daily basis…

3 thoughts on “Adventure with Miles

  1. Dan

    Great post bro.! My wife and I were discussing doing things like this w/my son who is turning 3 next month once the snow melts. Thanks for posting! I’ll do the same after my trip to “AM”..

  2. Jen

    Hi Alex, What a cute story. I love days like that. You guys can try the Santa Rosa Plateau next. I hear there are a lot of salamanders there right now!! I bet Miles would love that. Have a great day.

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