A Week in Design Review

My Desk

A large portion of my time is still taken up designing. It’s a love/hate relationship. I love designing, love great design, love creating something from nothing. It is tough trying to lead multiple teams, push initiatives through, attend meetings, and stay on top of things while trying to meet deadlines. All that said, here’s a look at a week’s worth of designs from my desk:

Above: This is a 24″ x 36″ Poster for Auction ticket sales. Interesting bit of trivia: this was designed and redesigned a few times as the name of the auction changed and the car changed from a corolla, to a scion, back to a mystery car, and back to a corolla.

Above: This is the front and back cover of the Corporate Sponsor piece for the Auction.

Above: This is the inside of the Corporate Sponsor piece for the Auction – looks much cooler than the outside. More trivia – I use this photo of our church, taken by the infamous Kenny Grill for almost every print piece I produce.

Above: This is a 3′ x 8′ Banner promoting our Football Camp (there’s actually three of them, they’ll be out on Temecula Parkway). Yes, that’s Terrell Davis, and yes, he’s a coach @ranchochristian.

Above: This is a monster of a banner, 36′ x 8′ to promote our new athletic field – can’t wait to see this on up! Bigger IS better.

Above: This is a simple ticket sales promotion banner (3′ x 8′), two of them actually. This is what happens when you get an email on Thursday asking if we can have banners by Saturday.

Above: The screen graphic for announcements at our Murrieta Campus @ranchomurrieta. I think it might be the biggest church-screen in the valley.

Above: And the Temecula version, for none other than the Temecula Campus of Rancho Community Church. That’s right, every graphic must be replicated.

Above: This is a screen graphic for a school performance – not gonna lie, I borrowed the background, did this in about 10 minutes.

Above: And the cover for the school program + another 10 minutes.

Above: A redesign of our church cryroom sign. Men, come on now, stop going into the cryroom, you’re freaking the women out! We can’t say it much friendlier than this.

Above: A redesign of our Welcome Center sign. Hint: we don’t really have a Welcome Center, it’s just a table outside of (guess where), yup, the cryroom (which we do have). Also, this replaces a sign in Rancho Community Church that currently reads, “Welcome to Connecting Point”. I know, crazy.

Above: And last but not least, a kid’s concert flyer. Yes, I used the sent graphic, I just added the top and bottom. That’s what happens when you give me a pre-designed poster.

And just in case you’re wondering: yes, this is typical week…