A Violent Love

This past weekend at Rancho Community, we had a guest missionary, Johnny Li, from China share with us. It was a moving time, hearing his heart and how he experiences “mission”. He talked about how “western” missionaries are viewed as the “father” to the Chinese church. And now the “child” is growing up and reaching out other asian countries and into the Middle East.

A couple things he talked about really stuck out. The first was the simpleness of a hug. This was not their culture, but something they embraced through the church, and have now brought with them to their mission field. It is one of their distinctives, they hug. And it’s that human connection, that touch that really sets them apart from other people – they hug.

The other even more powerful thought that he talked about was the idea of the Muslim Jihad (feels weird to even type that). What he said was very simple, “If they are willing to die violently and give their lives so willingly for the wrong beliefs, what are we (as Christians) willing to do for the right beliefs?” Then he continued to speak about going to the lowest, poorest, outcasts, slums, etc. and bringing the light and love of Christ.

A “violent” love is the way he explained it. With a belief that Christ’s love is greater than anything, we are compelled to go, to help others go, to serve, to love, to reach, to lift up… to give the least and the lowest, dignity; to hug them and remind them that they are important, valued and loved by God.

It was a refreshing challenge. That’s all.

Learn more about Johnny Li’s ministry at his website.