A Miracle on Overland Drive

This morning we trekked out on our monthly stock up trip to the local Costco. I don’t know if your local Costco is like ours, but we have one for an area that has about half a million people (or so it would seem). That means that the second it opens any day of the week it is immediately inundated with bulk shoppers looking for free samples. Which in turn means clogged aisle ways, long lines, and no parking – literally. The parking is so bad that we don’t even look anymore, we just drive to the outskirts and park, just so we don’t have to wait behind miles of soccer mom’s in SUV’s, waiting for other soccer mom’s to finish loading up their SUV’s with 4 carts full of grocery’s, computers, patio furniture, and flat screen TV’s.

But today…

It was like God’s hand of providence was on us, the sea was opened and lo and behold:


A front row parking space, on a Saturday, at Costco!