A little pink note

pink noteSo Jen is helping her mom do a large catering job for the entire month of July, which means she is away about 3-4 days (& nights) a week, which means I’m in charge of the kiddo’s (I know, scary). So we’ve been eating alot of cereal, apples, bananas, and mac & cheese, watching alot of movies, and working in 1-2 hour shifts while kids eat & sleep.

I came home from church yesterday and spent about an hour with her and the kids before she had to leave. Later that night when I went upstairs, I found this little pink note on the mirror. We’ve been getting into the habit of leaving eachother notes every once in a while, just telling eachother how we feel, how much we appreciate & love eachother. So it was so cool to find this little note. Here’s a couple little excerpts:

…just a little note to say hi…

…I am so blessed… 2 beautiful kids… a husband who loves me…

…today a church Miles’ teacher told me he said his memory verse… he prayed for snack…


…you sounded great today!

Wow, don’t I feel great!

What have you done lately to make sure your significant other knows how much you love them?

One thought on “A little pink note

  1. Chris Stout

    That’s funny, I find little notes too. The only thing is they start out like this:

    1. Feed the dogs
    2. Clean the kitchen
    3. Clean the family room
    4. Clean our room
    5. Clean the back yard
    6. Mow the yard
    7. Clean the Truck
    8. Clean the garage

    LOL…How blessed we are!

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