A little humble pie (a worship confessional epilogue)

Tuesdays are our staff meetings – all day long. The day looks like this:

  • 7:00am executive pastoral meeting
  • 8:00am add all pastors
  • 9:00am add all staff
  • 11:00am (or so) creative arts department meeting (this is where we cover music, media, tech, marketing, etc.)

micAs you may or may not know, I just recently picked up some slack here at Life Church by overseeing the Music Department. We reshuffled the deck and now the Creative Arts department oversees, music, media & marketing. I now lead worship along with Karl, our Music Director – we adopted a co-leading philosophy, where we really want to embrace multiple leadership, training, and guest leadership. So far it’s worked awesome. We’ve had some of our daughter plant worship leaders & pastors come share, and since Easter, there has not been a week where there is a single worship leader. This is teaching us and our people that worship is not about a personality, and that there is diversity and unity in the church.

Anyway, for the past few years I have served as the Media/Communications Pastor – overseeing the design, communications, and tech areas of the church, as well as rotating on the teaching schedule. Before that I spent seven years as a youth pastor & worship leader at a smaller church. I never really considered myself a great worship leader or singer, but I could lead people in worship, and was encouraged in that area. I love music and my gift is mostly for being able to hear & feel how the songs should go; drum parts, bass lines, guitar riffs, when there should be bvg’s and stuff like this – I guess you’d call this arranging. On a more spiritual note, my gift is more being able to bring clarity to worship by guiding people in worship – teaching new songs, explaining the theological truth of a song, and relating it to everyday life & relationship with God.

Well, all this to say that at our early morning meeting we talked a little about the music and one thing that was brought up was that I “probably shouldn’t do the unplugged sets where it’s just me singing with a guitar”. That would have been referring to a couple weeks ago when we did a set with just Karl and I leading with one BVG. I remember now, it was probably Jeremy Camp’s “Give me Jesus” that did it. But I tend to go flat on the last note now and again – not gonna sugar coat it, and every once-in-a-while my voice cracks. I did get enough encouragement to go along with the critique, but honestly I was glad to hear it. Truth from friends is good for the soul. So I completely agreed and actually am now motivated to get in some vocal training very soon & we’ll save the acoustic jams for later.

That’s all folks!

5 thoughts on “A little humble pie (a worship confessional epilogue)

  1. Billy Chia

    “This is teaching us and our people that worship is not about a personality”
    I love it. That’s how church should be.

  2. jaybrams

    I lead for the youth… one of the youth pastors (we have a two headed monster) came up to me and was like “yeah, i was wondering when we can get together about the worship and talk about some different things” in kinda a “this isn’t going to be fun and i’d prefer not to talk about it” kinda way… i’m not a big pie fan as it is… we’ll see if it’s humble pie or something more tastey soon enough i guess.

  3. Fred McKinnon

    If you only knew how many hours I spent on the AutoTune plugin for my last album, haha!

    On the other hand – speaking of guest leaders … how ’bout flying a good ole Georgia boy up there one weekend, lol!


  4. alex

    Fred – that’d be awesome! if you are ever out this way be sure to let me know before hand and we’ll be all over it!

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