A Good Week for Music Video

I have my DVR set to record anything that has to do with music, normally that means “Austin City Limits” and “Crossroads”, plus any music awards shows. This past week (or two or three) have been good for us here. I just got done watching John Mayer’s stint on Austin City Limits. All I can say is simply breathtaking… If you’ve never seen Meyer live and you are any kind of guitar music fan, you will appreciate his style and feel. Check out more here.

raitt lovettAlso this week we were blessed with two new “Crossroads” episodes. One with Joss Stone and LeAnne Rimes, which was OK. But more mentionable was the show with Bonnie Raitt and Lyle Lovette. Raitt is an incredible songwriter and guitar player – she can really rock, plus she’s not a bad singer as well. And Lovette is a genius songwriter and singer. Jen and I are kind of closet Lyle Lovette fans – his songs are so emotional and sensitive, he just has a way of touching your heart.

And last but not least – the American Music Awards. We weren’t blown away by anything, although we really did like the Sugarland/Beyonce medley – that was pretty sweet. The highlight of the evening was Lenny Kravitz performing his new single “I’ll be Waiting”, which was pure genius. I’ve been a Lenny fan since my years in HS – he is the all around groove master – everything he does is great, including this latest song, which I purchased yesterday for a cool .99 cents! Check out the video right here:

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  1. Scott

    I’m pretty sure John Mayer is a flawless guitar player. Thanks for sharing the link

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