80's Guitar God

This clip has been flying around the blogworld, I saw it here first. I was cracking up after I understood what was happening, then I see my man Tony Levin come out on stage and I HAD to find the original. Tony is the bass player for Peter Gabriel – one of my all time live performers, his bands are just so incredible. Tony proves my theory that Bassists are the coolest members of any band – he can play with a guy with tight jeans, a mullet/rocker hair, a balding keytaurist in an 80’s Miami Vice suit, and a drummer with long permed hair behind a 39 piece drum set (is that Mike Portnoy?), and still look so cool!

So here in all their glory are the clips, the first overdubbed, and the second, the original (Karl, enjoy the delay galore!).

One thought on “80's Guitar God

  1. eric

    That’s so funny! I was just watching that on “The Weekly Daily” and thinking, “this sucks”. Now that I’ve seen the original, I totally get it! Hilarious! Ahh… the wonders of modern technology.

    Missed you this morning…

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