worship confessional 1

worship confessional 1 – there it is! And just to show that we ain’t scared:

All We Need is You | My Savior My God | On Our Side | Everlasting God | Word of God Speak

05.20.07 (Bluegrass/Acoustic Band)
I’ve Always Loved You | I Saw the Light | Not to Us | Everlasting God | I Exalt Thee | I Love You Lord | I’ll Fly Away

How to Save a Life | The Time has Come | Not to Use | Father Let Me Dedicate | Your Love is Deep

05.06.07 (cool date huh?)
All we Need is You | You Never Let Go | I Stand in Awe of the Presence (How Marvelous) | How Great is Our God | Word of God Speak

All Creatures of Our God and King | Ready Now | Everlasting God |Enough

All we Need is You | Everlasting God | Blessed be Your Name | Jesus Paid it All | Word of God Speak

04.15.07 (guest worship leaders Travis & Emily Tingley from Impact Church)
Blessed be Your Name | Everlasting God | How Great is our God | You Never Let Go | Sing to the King

04.08.07 (Easter – also the week we started using PlanningCenterOnline)
Let God Arise | Jesus Paid it All | You Are my King | Christ the Lord is Risen Today (re-arrangement by Alex McLean) | Sing to the King

12 thoughts on “worship confessional 1

  1. alex mclean

    Thanks Victor! I was lookin’ around your site for yours… where is it?

  2. Kreg Ferris

    Wow you could just replace your faces and story with a Eric Beeman story. That dreaded misplaced Capo!! Of course we were never talented enough to find the right key, so Eric would play by himself…

  3. alex

    Kreg, I wasn’t gonna say anything – but your post just made me laugh out loud! Love you Eric!

  4. eric

    I see how it is… rip on Eric because he’s not around anymore…

    Not to mention the fact that you’re so embarrassed to be seen with me that you blacked my face out in your header picture. 😉

    I’m feelin’ the love!

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  6. alex

    ha ha Eric! We have a non-disclosure agreement that I cannot be seen publicly with you! You know i would never black you out – that’s just the way the pic is pretty cool I think, you look so sexy!

  7. Los

    Hey man. This was great. Glad to have you confessing.

  8. Dustin

    We have trouble with people showing up when we start. Usually it’s about 20 minutes in before everyone is there.
    So fear not, you are not alone in that!

  9. Andrew

    That’s awesome man! I love the confessional. Keep em commin!

  10. tovorinok


    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


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