7 Years, No Itch

Since my weekend will be filled with soccer games and church, I thought I’d better get this up now. This Sunday is Jen & I’s 7 year anniversary. I can hardly believe it’s been that long! Here’s a picture from us dating in 1994, yup, that would be 13 years ago!


And now…


Yup, we’ve grown to 4 (5 actually, Java was our first child – chocolate lab). So, in honor of 7 years of marriage and 13 years of being together, here’s 7 reasons why I love my wife:

  1. She’s absolutely beautiful.
  2. She’s an amazing mother – I know this because I’ve played Mr. Mom and she wins hands down.
  3. She’s been through hell and back to allow me to live my dream of being in ministry (and we will probably be there again)
  4. She’s my biggest fan.
  5. She’s my biggest critic.
  6. She loves me in spite of myself.
  7. She’s an amazing worship leader.

Here’s to 7 years – Love you babe!

8 thoughts on “7 Years, No Itch

  1. Billy Chia

    Congratulations to both of you guys!

    I really like #3, and Jen, believe me this absolutely means the world to Alex in more ways than he can explain. (I speak as a ministry husband who couldn’t do it without his wife.)

    Crazy enough man, 7 years ago today was a special day in my life too.

  2. Chris Stout

    That is so awesome! Stephanie said, “They look so young!” followed by, “Macey looks so serious!”

    Well, congratulations man! Thanks for sharing this coming special Sunday with us and God!

  3. Jen

    Yeah Chris… I think we look alot younger and thinner… ha ha..darn kids! Anyways thanks Alex.. Happy Anniversary, you are AMAZING and I couldnt ask for more. Love ya!

  4. Bob

    Jen & Alex,

    WOW has it been that long? Congratulations we are very proud of you and your beautiful family.

    Mom & Dad

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