7 Blogging Mistakes

I found this article here, and thought is was a great little read on blogging. Since I am still relatively new, I am always looking for advice on how to blog better. Check this abbreviated version out, then go read the original article.

  1. Not blogging on self-hosted blogs
  2. Not blogging out of passion, but out of lust for money
  3. Design cluttering
  4. Commenting issues
  5. Stats show off
  6. Bad content and text formating
  7. Early monetization

I thought this was a great article – especially for those of us who are still learning. How are you doing on these issues?

3 thoughts on “7 Blogging Mistakes

  1. klampert

    well the only thing I dont do there is host my own…only because Im scared to lose my readers in the transition…

  2. Billy Chia

    Showing off your stats? Who on earth would do such a thing?

    As for self-hosting. I totally think it’s worth it. I plan on going to self-hosting in the future. My link directory structure should be able to transition intact with a few plug-ins so I don’t lose incoming links.

    I’ll probably blog about the transition when I make it.

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