4 Shots & a Finger Prick

Yesterday was a big day for Miles. He’s going to be in Kindergarten this year so if you’re a parent, you know what that means: shots, lots of shots. We knew what was coming, he didn’t… until about 5 minutes before it happened – that’s when then meltdown started. He was so cute, crying, but trying to make a deal with the doctor about only getting one shot, or taking a minute to think about it, or laying down on the table with his dad for a couple minutes first. Once we got him calmed down it was all over in less than a minute and he didn’t cry at all – he was very brave. Dad on the other hand was wiped out! On a sad note (for us), Miles and Macy’s Doctor is moving out the area to get married. She’s been the kids doctor since they were born. Here’s some pictures from the event.

One last note. After we got home, Miles’ aunt Melissa took him over to her house to hang out for a bit. This was him on the ride home, crashed out with his doctor’s sticker on his nose..

4 thoughts on “4 Shots & a Finger Prick

  1. Amanda

    Those pictures are priceless! They will be so glad you took them when they get older. Poor little Miles, at least it’s over.

  2. Mahmo Schneider

    Poor little Miley-I saw him on the “big day” trust me, he can recall every detail of the day! All 4 shots and even about the one in his finger!!!! I was afraid he was going to hyperventalate telling the story!!!!! I love him to the moon and back
    Mahmo Schneider

  3. Alex's Mom (still nameless after all these years!)

    So Miles has inherited his dad’s love of the doctors office – nothing is worse than seeing your kid hurting even if it’s for a necessary cause.

    Poor Miles! Alex, maybe he can hold your hand next time you go!

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