3:00am Worship & Prayer

Well I’m awake. Woke up at 2:30am and couldn’t go back to sleep. Not sure what is going on but I finally decided to just get up and blog a little & do some work to take advantage of the time. Funny thing, as soon as I sat down, I head Macy cry, so I went in and put her back to sleep… coincidence? Nah.

So I thought I’d take a moment and share my prayers for my family – something I don’t do enough of, and God is challenging me to be more faithful in. But I believe this is part of the reason I’m awake.

So for Miles, my little boy – I’m so thankful for him. He’s not just my son, but my friend – it’s funny that a 6 year old can be one of my best friends. I’m thankful for his health, for his mind, for his fun-loving personality, for his smile, his soft, tender heart. My prayer for him tonight is that God, you would protect his heart and keep it soft. Don’t allow the pain and harshness of this world to harden it. I pray for the days that will be hard for him as he becomes a young man, I pray that his faith will remain strong, and that he will lean on You – because you will never fail him. I pray that no matter what he chooses to do in this life that you will give him the opportunity to use his gift of bringing joy to people’s lives. He is such a special boy and I am priviledged that You’ve allowed me to be his earthly father.

For Macy, our little girl. We don’t deserve to have this little angel (and I’m the first to admit, somedays she pushes every button available). But she is so special – there’s so much life in those big blue eyes – she get’s that from her mom. I’m thankful for her little personality, she loves so hard – just as hard as she plays, as hard as she rebels, as hard as she does everything – she’s a little fireball (she get’s that from me – thank you very much)! Thank you for healing her little leg and showing grace to her and us. I pray that you continue to protect her (she’s so clumsy). I also pray that you give her a soft heart to go along side her intense personality – help her to find comfort in who you’ve created her to be. I pray that as she grows older, she would grow closer and closer to You.

For Jen, my wife. Life would not be life without her, and God, You have given me a gift that I do not deserve – help me to remember that on a daily basis, through the trials of life, help me to be ever-thankful and let that thankfulness to You be translated into a serving love that I give abundantly to her. She deserves to be treated with such respect and care – and honestly, I’m not qualified to do that. It’s only through your power that I can even come close to loving her like she needs to be loved. I pray first that You continue to reveal Yourself to her and draw her closer to you. I’m so thankful for her patience with me, she’s put up with so much, sacrificed so much, and been faithful all the way. I pray that you would grant her the desires of her heart – only You really know those.

There’s so much more, but tonight (or this morning) I just want to acknowledge the Giver, and say “Thank You”.

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  1. James McLean

    very cool. I’m thankful to have a family that loves God and is actively trying to obey him.
    love you guys and I can’t wait to see you this summer.

    James McLeans last blog post..A Timeline of Grace

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