23 Aliens in our Vehicle


On March 22, 2008, your vehicle was used knowingly and with reckless disregard of the fact that 23 aliens had entered the United States in violation of the law, to transport these 23 aliens in furtherance of such violation.

That’s what the certified mail letter that we got from the US Border Patrol started with! Our old 1997 Suburban was used to smuggle illegal aliens! In case you didn’t know, in December we traded this gas guzzling beast of a vehicle in for a car payment (something we avoided for about 7 years). We actually bought a 2007 Suzuki XL7, which we were hoping for no more repairs and 2-3x the gas mileage.

Apparently the company which we bought the car from didn’t do the correct paper work on title transfer and the DMV still shows us as the current owners. So I guess that’s what the Border Patrol thinks as well.

More to come as this saga continues…

(btw – that picture is of our Suburban during the SoCal fires last year – the only one I could find)

5 thoughts on “23 Aliens in our Vehicle

  1. Will Young

    Sounds like something straight out of the Enquirer.

    Also, I know suburbans are big my grandmother can pack about 2 tons worth of “treasures” on yard-selling saturday’s in hers…but come on 23 people!?!? I hope they were all wearing deodorant.

  2. alex

    Well, we sent off the proof that we sold the vehicle – so we’ll see what happens next. And Heather, I wish I had video of that 23 ghostriders! (A possible Youth Ministry video!?). Will, it’s TRUE, I promise! (and I highly doubt there was any deodorant). James… good call!

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