2008 Blogroll Housecleaning


It’s time to do some house keeping here at betterthanblank. When I started the blog I added every single blog I could find that was in anyway interesting or connected to this community (whatever that means). Now I look at the list and it is pretty overwhelming. So, I’m gonna try something that may or may not work.

If you want your link on my blog then just leave me a comment, if not – don’t. I’ll add you if I don’t already have you, and if yer blog is even somewhat interesting. In a couple weeks I’m gonna try and clean up the sidebars and get them a little more comprehensive.

So again – leave a comment with your blog if you want to be on the blogroll. Happy New Year!

21 thoughts on “2008 Blogroll Housecleaning

  1. Chris Stout

    Hey Alex,

    You know I’d love to be in your blog roll, but you know how often I’m able to update these days. Anyway, sitting in Bahrain at the local Starbucks. So…If you leave me up, great. If not, I’ll wait till I get back! 🙂

    Later bro…

  2. Becky

    Found your blog through Skip Crust. Love it. Especially love the Linkify info!

  3. eric

    Then again, you’re the one that got me into this frickin’ addicting thing we call blogging in the first place. You better give me some link love!

  4. Victor Estrada

    I’m in!!! This is a good idea… I’ll probably do this soon too.

    Next time I’m down there you gotta do lunch… deal?

  5. Matt

    Don’t delete your buddy Matt…I know I’m tall…but come on…you like still like me…

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