marineYou know this blog is all about reality, if not I would never admit to watching “The Marine” starring WWE Champion, John Cena. My wife said, “I didn’t know, I just picked it up”. About half way through the movie I realized that this wasn’t an action movie at all, but a comedy. Some of the more memorable moments:

Man, this guy’s like the Terminator (at which point Robert Patrick actually turns and winks at the camera!).

Man, I hate cops… and rock candy!

Always wanna blame the black man!

I thought you said there was no crocodiles… those are alligators.

It’s terrifying with all these animals and bugs! (this from a cold-blooded killer bad guy).

Did something die in here? Yeah it smells like baked a$$!

There was this camp counselor. Cool honkey… like to be called Johnny Whiplash! …He offered me something I never should have accepted…

I’m makin’ this up as I go.

Say hello to your wife!

We should have gone to the beach.

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  1. jamesmclean

    Were you like “can i have that 2 hours of my life back”? ha ha

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