2 thoughts on “2 Songs That Are Rockin My World

  1. eric

    No offense, but I'm kind of over the whole Indie thing (I'm still not even sure what that means). I've seen Phil quite a few times in the last year and he's tearing it up. And while this is my favorite off his record, I like it better when he does it acoustic. I saw him in S.D. last year and it was just him, his acoustic and a loop station of some kind… best ever!

    I prefer the singalong and of course concur with your passion for Tom Petty and the whole acoustic vibe! Especially with my new Martin! 🙂

  2. worshipcity

    Oh man, I led Cannons at church the last time I got the opportunity to play! It was awesome! Love that song!
    I've got to say that I kind of agree with Eric: Singalong is AWE-SOME! But I love his full band stuff as well. It's something truly special when you can do your songs both ways. I've literally played through Cannons and then played through Singalong and didn't get tired of the songs 1x 🙂

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