1,000th Post


According to the numbering of my posts, this is the 1,000th post to ye ol’ blog. So in honor of the 1000th post here are some random thoughts and facts.

I’ve been blogging for about 340 days now which works out to about 2.944117647 posts per day.

The blog has had 28,206 total views, which would work out to about 82.9588235 views a day.

Looks like there’s 1,522 comments! Yay, that means people care.

My best month ever was October with 5,700 some odd views.

My most popular post ever is, (drumroll please…) I watched High School Musical (I know, pathetic).

My most popular post that has something to do with ministry is this media tip.

My top referrer is my good friend, Eric Beeman. (Actually it’s Google Reader, but for all intensive purposes, Eric is it).

My top search referrer (a click from a search engine like Google) is “highschoolmusical”. Guess what number 2 is? Yup, “high school musical”.

My top click (people leaving my site), is to Audio Hijack. You’re welcome.

I’ve made ton’s of new friends.

I’ve personally met 5 other bloggers (You know, like in real life, face to face). And I have plans to meet a couple more real soon.

I think I’ve bugged at least 10 people to start blogs since I’ve been blogging.

I’ve been unsuccessful in getting the following people to blog: my wife, my lead pastor, our high school pastor, our music director, our arts director, our children’s director, our assimilation director (pretty much anyone on our staff).

I’ve learned more about WordPress that I think I really want to know.

I think I may just have a blog addiction. Maybe it’s more like an information addiction.

Thanks everyone for making blogging fun, interesting, and valuable. Maybe you can do me a favor in honor of the 1,000th post – just drop a comment, even if you never have. If there are 80 something views a day, that means that only a very few people actually ever comment. It would be cool to hear from you!

5 thoughts on “1,000th Post

  1. Stephen

    Dang! Well done, Alex. Keep it up. I enjoy your thoughts and insight, esp. as we both share an apparent affinity for Jesus, worship, ministry, and most importantly (just kidding, just kidding), LOST.

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