10 Wishes from a Pew Sitter

I got this in an email today and thought it was worth sharing:

At the start of a new year, as a pew-sitter, I have a few wishes for the church leaders I know and love:

  1. Banish the “stand and greet your neighbor” time in the worship service. I know your intentions are good, but it’s forced, fruitless and goofy.
  2. Forget everything they taught you about three-point sermons. You’re wildly successful if you can get across one point. Just one point. Then sit down.
  3. Get out and spend time with real people. Schedule lunches at your members’ workplaces and schools. Listen. Get a feel for how real people live.
  4. Encourage regular evaluation. Use comment cards. Ask us what we remember from last week’s sermon. Then take us seriously, and adjust.
  5. Crank down the volume of the band. Allow us to actually hear the voices of the flock.
  6. Burn the fill-in-the-blank sermon guides. They’re insulting, distracting and ineffective. (Can you imagine Jesus using them? Let’s see, “Feed my _______.”)
  7. Show hospitality. Encourage people to enjoy a cup of coffee-during the service.
  8. Let us participate. Entertain our questions-during the service. Let the real people around us tell how God is working in their lives.
  9. Relax. Make some real friends. Spend more time with your family. Don’t schedule every evening with church meetings.
  10. Get rid of the pews. Really.

Here’s a little plug from the author:

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What do you think of this list?

One thought on “10 Wishes from a Pew Sitter

  1. Barbara McLean

    I love this! Shaking hands or hugging people you don’t know is uncomfortable and unfruitful. If it’s a small church it can also become a popularity thing or cliquey…imagine how the person who doesn’t have anyone greet them feels?

    I love the part about encouraging people to share what God’s doing in their lives….that’s a really good way of getting to know someone and even people who don’t share will learn something about another person and perhaps it will give them a perspective on their own life they never thought of.

    Good stuff….can we add “don’t do the ‘turn down the lights for effect’ thing. It seems so contrived.

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